The worms are turning

February 9, 2007

I wholeheartedly agree with Jeff Ventura I’ve been borrowing my brother-in-laws’ Mac on and off recently, experimenting with Parallels as a viable XP development base for a while. I can have OSX on one monitor and my PC development using VS2005 under XP running on the other, completely seamlessly.

The decision was made a while ago. When I get a new PC it will be a Mac – no question.  


One Response to “The worms are turning”

  1. mdavey Says:

    The PC is dead, long live OS X.

    Last night it took me three blank DVD’s to burn some files because Vista was being stupid. If OS X can solve simple problems like this, why bother with Windows

    By the way, you can only comment on your blog by logging in, real pain !

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