Here’s the rug, now pull it!

February 20, 2007

Sometimes you just have no choice. You have resort to some hack in order to make your code work. I recently had to write a GUI client to provide some specialist admin tasks on DataSynapse GridServer v2.6. For various reasons this had to be a C# .NET GUI and DataSynapse thoughtfully provide a .NET API which made the coding tasks pretty straightforward. Everything worked beautifully except when the GUI closes and the App Domain doesn’t unload. Consequently the .exe and vshost.exe just hang around like ghostly processes.

Some investigation revealed that whenever any of the DataSynapse admin .NET API methods are called there’s a sleep, wait or join that never exits.

[In a sleep, wait, or join]
mscorlib.dll!System.Threading.Monitor.Wait(object obj, int millisecondsTimeout, bool exitContext) + 0x14 bytes

It turns out this is a known bug that I’m sure will be fixed at some stage. However, that didn’t really help me. Despite some failed attempts to terminate the thread, I resorted to some rug pulling. The code now uses my old Suppuku class to make sure everything terminates.

static void Main()
      new ShellApplication().Run();

And here’s the brutal implementation.

namespace Suppuku
      public class Sword
            private static extern bool TerminateProcess(int handle, int exitCode);
            public static void Commit(int exitCode)
                  TerminateProcess(-1, exitCode);

Sometimes needs must and Win32 comes to the rescue.  Any other solutions gratefully excepted.


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