ProFactor IncludeManager – a saviour

February 25, 2007

I’m currently porting a Linux C++ pricing library and agent to Win32 – the goal is to grid enable it and deploy it on a DataSynapse. Now this is a very large project with many hundreds of headers and libs. Understanding the make dependencies and seeing how it would be possible to decompose the code to be grid friendly is complex to say the least.

Simply trying to build the project on Visual Studio, MinGW or CygWin is not enough to see what is missing. The build only shows you what the next few headers and libs are missing and you need to look deep into the dependancy graph and not worry about what builds and what doesn’t.

 IncludeManager from Profactor is a saviour when you need to do this. It’s targeted more at the ‘what will rebuild if I change this file’ use, but I find it very useful for gaining a clearer picture of complex dependancies. It’s easy to collapse the graph to reduce dependancy noise.

And it’s very cheap!


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