Background noise from News

September 5, 2008

Today the Web is mostly angry because they are not sure about Googles intentions…

Microsoft / Firefox claim “Big boys came, stole our browser”
But then it turns out they are in your house, looking at what you do…

Interesting to read how NBC and Yahoo fought it out during the Olympics

BBC News compare well as this
And the early European summary…

A comprehensive news aggregator…
It isn’t pretty, but has some nice features including the tracking of stories on the graph on this page
Highlights breaking news, developing story trends, etc…

Couple of powerful presentations on the use of photography

The War comic
This ain’t the Beano…

We are addicted…
If you click this link it proves you are an addict

Radio Pop
“Sign up to Radio Pop and we will store your listening to BBC Radio. You can then see graphs, charts and lists of your listening, get recommendations from your friends, share your tastes and browse around to see what other people are hearing right now. ”

Hidden Radio
My Gran would never find Terry Wogan on this

So you want an iPhone but no contract…
Or perhaps you are a criminal who needs the enhanced touch screen functionality only an iPhone can bring without the traceability of pesky contracts

3D visualsation of the National Theatre…


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