Go JIRA. King of the Monsters!

October 17, 2008

I’ve been using JIRA for bug, issue and project management for a fair while now – it’s almost industry standard and has an excellent developer community for plugins. I’m forever asked ‘What does JIRA stand for?’ So……


Back in the days when those days when Bugzilla ruled the world and the guys at Atlassian dreamed of building a monster capable of beating it, they realised there was only one option – Godzilla. But calling their wonderful new bug and issue tracking system Godzilla was a bit obvious, so they abbreviated the original Japanese name for Godilla – Gojira. So, Gojira became JIRA: King of the issue management systems.


So when you get asked what does JIRA stands for, just tell them is an abbreviation, not an acronym.


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