Much as I’ll admit to some spittle-flecked indignation when it comes to Visual Studio 20-anything, it has largely been the development tool that has paid my mortgage and allowed me to eat biscuits and cake. But this one takes the biscuit, cake, mug of tea and plate.

I’m happily working away, writing code when suddenly find in files stops working with the wonderful message “No Files Were Found To Look In. Find Was Stopped In Progress” Ah it’s simple. I’ve obviously fiddled with the search options and not selected the file types to search in or something similar. Nope –  everything looks just fine.

Ah I know. Close devenv and start again. Nope – exactly the same.

So, off for a coffee and moan and someone says: “Press Ctrl+Scroll Lock a few times and it’ll be fine”. This sounds a bit Mornington Crecsent to me, but it worked.

Sometimes I wonder if I should just go back to using notepad.exe